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Hey, yo! Do you like to read? Probably not; but if you did I am a writer of things.  I can spin out paragraphs of text in short order.  I can even do research and cite source well enough when I do it! Expect this area to be nothing if not verbose.  This is science and engineering in practical implementation to hopefully entertain and inform you.  

Here is the deal.  This area is going to have some cool shit, but it doesn't yet.  But let me tell you what I want to do:

  • Brewing video, Mead, Melomel.  "Viking Blood"
    • Materials
    • Acquisition
    • Process
    • Brewing
    • Science Aspects
    • Long Term Aging
    • Analysis of Alcohol Produced
  • 3D Printing Series
    • Repair of old printer (Prusa i2, homebuilt)
    • Reprogramming old printer (Big Friggin Cube)
    • New Prints
    • Printing Parts for new printer (new/altered design)
    • Engineering design alternation for new and old printer
    • New content designs created by 3D printing
  • FJ General Videos
    • Offroading
    • Repairs
    • Mods
    • Tips
    • Bodywork
    • Field Expeditions
  • DethKTM Videos
    • General Riding
    • Crazy Drivers
    • Mods
    • Tips
    • Trips to the mountains/beach
    • Trip to Mexico
    • Trip to Alaska
  • Streaming videos
    • Setting up a stream
    • Setting up a website
    • Trials and tribulations in creating live content versus nobody watching it
    • KSP
    • ZAT
    • Other Game
  • Audio engineering videos
    • Setup
    • Song Creation
    • Songs
  • Saxophone Learning Videos
    • I want to learn to play the sax by myself
    • I'll teach you what I learn
    • It's going to suck.
  • Gun videos
    • Touchy subject see how the political climate goes
  • Texas videos, visit places with people who have never been there
    • Austin
    • San Antonio
    • Houston
    • DFW
    • El Paso
    • The Coast
    • The Mountains
    • Big Bend
    • Oil Fields
  • Steam
    • Playing steam games I've never opened
    • Discussing Valve's influence on my life
    • Discussing Half-life and Team Fortress Classic/2
    • Group play
    • Geology
    • Mechanics
    • Fields and Waves
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Environmental Science
  • This is not an all inclusive list of active projects, this is just a sample of possible things to come and works in progress.  If you would like to help me make any of this content, head to Whore Island and contribute somehow or don't. I still love you.

This is the area I will place results of projects I am working on and their related project files.  GIS, CAD, Fabrication Photos, and more.


Mechanical Stun Stick

This is a mechanic stun stick design I am working on based on recent projects from electroboom.  This is just an image of some of the drawing. I hope to expand these types of projects in the future. 

The "fAJA"



I bought my FJ from Gulf Coast Toyota in 2007.  It was not an impressive looking vehicle, but it was loaded with the latest and greatest traction aids and off-road options of the day.  Traction control, A-Trac, rear differential lock.  Plus a 2-speed transfer case and real 4x4.  Body on frame, prado chassis, with a 4.0L V6 outputting 239 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.



The FJ is 11-years old and it has over 100,000 miles, many of them off-road.  Mods include tires, a lift, exhaust, intake, armor, and other stuff.  It's a durable beast, but it needs to be operated as a 4x4 vehicle, it's not a fun road car.  




THis is a stupid bike…


This is a stupid bike, I was convinced to purchased it after a British friend alerted me to it's imminent release after my 2012 BMW R1200 GS Adventure was stolen.  I have my BMW for half a decade, paid for by mechanics earnings; I loved that bike.  The KTM 1290 Super Adventure R is a cheaper bike.  No heated grips, no luggage, shitty seat, all over which can be added for a price from KTM PowerParts.  Whatever.  It's fast. It's relatively cheap for an adventure bike.  You can toss it around and a replacement fairing is only $36US.  It's amazing.  This is my daily driver, which replaced the FJ after 10 mpg fuel became unsustainable for routine long distance travel. I look forward to shooting some videos and making some mods and repairs for you to enjoy. 


KSP Mun Mission

4.17.2018 / Twitch Live Stream


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