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Procure spacebike, get space bitches.

HELLO! Tonight I, your humble West Texas Geologist, will be livestreaming the greatest Science-Fiction videogame of tomorrow! Star Citizen Player Test Universe 3.2.#.#: The Buggering

On tonight's agenda: we will be departing Port Olisar and head to the fearsome Pirate Asteroid Base of GRIM Hex, A.K.A. the GReen IMperial Housing EXchange.  Once in this run down rock, we will requisition a Drake Interplanetary Dragonfly, The Space Motorcycle.

After requisitioning our space bike, we will head down to the surface of Yela (I think?). Following some hooning and playing with the controls, we will begin the hunt! We are going to see if we locate a large Caterpillar Freighter, preferably during cargo transfer.  Our goal is to sneak onboard and capture the vessel.  

Will we make it to the surface through re-entry? Will we crash horribly into the surface? Will we locate our profitable prey?  Tune in to the stream tonight and find out!

Additionally on the agenda are the following games: Zombie Army Trilogy, Kerbal Space Program, Counter-Strike:GO, and some other filler material suggested for breaks when the vast emptiness of Star Citizen is too much.