This Backpack: A New Hope

Hello folks! I have some cool news to show you.  I have made another thing!

This backpack may not be the most awesome thing you've ever seen, but it represents milestone in apply my graphic design ability to physical products.  

This backpack is made up of custom fabric panels of my own design.  Each panel has a cropping of the great El Paso area.  The Top of the backpage is predominantly El Pasom overlaid with the county 10' interval topo contours in green.  The bottom is predominantly Mexico.  

This backpage has a big north arrow of my own weirdo design and text along the top edge with my information.  This backpack is small, but I hope to create more products like this to offer for sale.  For a limited time this item comes with free shipping to the US, but I cannot guarantee I can offer this in the future.

Better Tap That

Just out cruising around downtown El Paso on Sunday.  The bike says it's 104... in the shade, it's not cool.


Saturday, I went to Motosage for a quick tire and chain service. 


This is their showroom, a couple of interesting things in there, but hot AF.

20180721_101026 (1).jpg

Saturday afternoon I went shooting in the far west side with some ammo I scrounged up, its a mess out there.  

News Direct — Snarky Streams

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